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The Student Workbook is designed to lead you through a personal life-application study of God’s Word, using the Self-Confrontation manual as a reference.

The Workbook leads you through key Scripture passages and points you to relevant portions of the Self-Confrontation manual. It can be used:
  • your own personal study
  • in a one-on-one discipleship format, or
  • in a small group setting.
The lessons have blank portions to complete, based on passages from the Bible. This is part of what you might call your written homework.

The Self-Confrontation Bible Study is a great way for you to spend daily time in God’s Word, with the emphasis on your own walk with the Lord and your relationships with others. These principles are timeless and cultureless; and they will change your life, when applied with God’s enabling power.

Available in English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Korean, Romanian, and Spanish

NOTE: Book Discount
As many of you know, BCF has always had a high standard for the printing of the Self-Confrontation manual. The most recent printing we received of the Self-Confrontation manual (English) and Student Workbook (English) is not up to our normal high standards.  Although the books are still useable, they have blemishes.  So we are providing an additional 10% discount to the price you would normally receive. This discount is already reflected in the price in the cart. 

Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Blank Answer Sheets (in PDF format) are available for use with the Student Workbook. These sheets will allow you to complete the fill-in-the-blank homework in the Student Workbook electronically, as an alternative to writing the answers in the book or on separate pieces of paper. You can download the sheets here:
Student Workbook Answer Sheets (PDF format)
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Self-Confrontation Manual / Student Workbook Bundle
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The Self-Confrontation manual and Student Workbook packaged together for personal study. Save 60% on the Student Workbook when purchased bundled.


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