Man's Way vs. God's Way
  Man's Way vs. God's Way



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This booklet explains the difference between natural man’s approach and God’s way of dealing with the problems of life. It contrasts four of the major psychological theories with the biblical teaching on how to help others with so-called “mental” problems. Subjects considered are the basic view of man, the cause of problems, the cure, the counseling technique, the counselor’s terminology, and the counseling focus.

Man's Way vs. God's Way reveals the folly of humanistic theories relating to personal and interpersonal problems.
The booklet shows how these worldly theories or beliefs contradict the Bible and, as a result, stand in direct competition with God's revelation, and it also shows what the Bible says about integrating the world's philosophies with the Scriptures.

It also contrasts man's rebellion, self- importance, and mistaken ideas of worthiness with God's description of man's inadequacy. Other topics covered are the error of terms such as self-worth, self-esteem, self-love, and self-assertiveness.

This booklet is the third in a series and is taken from Lesson 4 of the Self-Confrontation manual.

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