Self-Confrontation Audio Series
  Self-Confrontation Audio Series Overview


The Self-Confrontation Audio Series is a taping of an actual course conducted in Texas in 1995 (taken from the same source as the Video Series). Each CD (or MP3 file) contains one lesson and corresponds with the lessons in the Self-Confrontation manual.

The Series can be used in several ways:

  • As a substitute for the teacher. They would be particularly helpful for lending to students that were not able to attend classes.
  • To augment the Instructor's Guide in preparation for teaching.
  • To enhance one's own personal study of the Self-Confrontation manual.
  • For in-depth study of biblical principles relating to specific problem areas
The lessons range from 35 to 90 minutes in length. The lessons vary in length because the course was conducted in a concentrated fashion over a period of one week. Even though most of the lessons are shorter than those taught in the audio tapes, they include the essential biblical principles taught in the regular 24-week course.

MP3: More information
  • For each household, the MP3 files can be loaded on 5 unique devices.
  • For churches or organizations, the MP3 files can be used by two persons, loaded on 4 unique devices.
  • Additional licenses may be purchased.

Please read this PDF for the full Terms of Use and Copyright.

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