Course Contents
  level prerequisites topics / curriculum how you can study the course
1 Level 1:
none A. Biblical foundation for change
B. Biblical methodology for change
C. Biblical understanding of self
D. Biblical understanding of anger
E. Biblical view of forgiveness
F. Unbiblical Communication
G. Marriage problems
H. Parent-child problems
I. Depression
J. Fear and worry
K. Life-dominating problems
Self-study /
Group study
Student Workbook
Audio Series
Video Series
Student Workbook
+ DVD Series
Group-study / classes Regular 24-week course
  • Student Workbook
  • Video Series
  • Video Series + Student Workbooks
One-Week Intensive Course
Weekend Seminar 1A (covers A-E)
Weekend Seminar 1B (covers F-K)
2 Level 2:
Biblical Discipleship / Counseling
Completion of
Level 1 (Self‑Confrontation)
Counseling procedures and role‑plays
  • Understanding the problem
  • Establishing biblical hope
  • Encouraging and evaluating commitment
  • Laying a foundation for lasting, biblical change
  • Assigning biblical homework
Group-study / classes 13-Week course
One-Week Intensive Course
3 Level 3:
Biblical Discipleship / Counseling
Completion of
Level 2
A. Role-plays on conducting an entire discipleship/counseling process from beginning to end
B. Developing discipleship / counseling plans
C. Counseling/discipling indiviuals with problems of:
  • Anger/bitterness
  • Fear and worry
  • Unbiblical communication
  • Unbiblical family relationships

Group-study / classes

14-Week course
One-Week Intensive Course
4 Level 4:
Advanced Course
At least one year of teaching BCF courses and counseling experience in combination with completion of BCF Biblical Discipleship / Counseling
Level 2
A. Helps on complicated cases such as:
  • Alcohol, drug, and substance abuse
  • Terminal illnesses
  • Physical handicaps
  • Uncommitted counselees
  • Homosexuality
  • Spouse and/or child abuse
  • Bizarre behavior
  • Church restoration / discipline
B. Training on:
  • Establishing a church discipleship / counseling ministry
  • Training disciplers/counselors and supervisors
  • Conducting biblical discipleship / counseling courses
Group-study / classes One-Week Intensive Course