Level 3 Syllabus  
  Level 3 Syllabus



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The Level 3 Syllabus is a set of lesson plans for the student attending the third BCF training course in biblical discipleship / counseling.

The Level 3 Syllabus contains eight role-plays which require active participation as assistant and lead disciplers / counselors. The role-playing is broadened by dealing with multiple disciples/counselees.
Emphasis in Level 3 is on improving
the ability to disciple / counsel through practice in role-plays. The course builds on the foundation laid by Level 2 and is designed to help you improve and extend biblical plans for discipleship / counseling meetings and apply the Scriptures as your only authority for faith, conduct, and counsel. Additional topics are included, such as how to avoid taking responsibilities of disciples / counselees upon yourself. This course is designed to be taught in two-hour classes one day a week for 13 weeks.

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