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December 2018 Update Email:
Retirement of Bob Schneider as President of BCF
  Praise & Prayer Bulletin: June - December 2019 (PDF)   View
  December 2016 Update Email   View
  September 2016 Update Email   View
  40th Anniversary of BCF   View
  August 2013 Update Email   View
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  Blog Posts Pandemics, Fear, and the Scriptures
Walking through the “Doors of Ministry”
The Spiritual Significance of Doors
Holidays, Memories, and People We Miss
Overlooked Blessings
Genetic Predispositions (Part 3)
A Life Well-Lived and Loved
Genetic Predispositions (Part 2)
Whatever Happened to the Golden Rule
Genetic Predispositions (Part 1)
Changed Lives and the BCF Prison Ministry (Part 2)
Compassion, Justice, and the BCF Prison Ministry (Part 1)
Reflections on D-Day 75 Years Later
A Tribute to Health Care Workers
Taking a Bullet for My Neighbor
The Ultimate Act of Selflessness
Socialism, Capitalism, and the Scriptures (Part 2)
Socialism, Capitalism, and the Scriptures (Part 1)
Youthful Indiscretions, Virginia Politics, and Redemption (Part 2)
Youthful Indiscretions, Virginia Politics, and Redemption (Part 1)
I'm Thankful for my Platelets
Is There Any Hope in Today's News?
Babies, Helplessness, and Jesus
Letters and Lessons from Departed Presidents
Being Thankful for Work
"I’m a Redhead. Don’t Make Me Use It"
Lessons from the Kavanaugh Hearings
"We Should Pray for the Woman"
Lessons from the Cajun Navy
"It Was Not Supposed to Turn Out This Way"
The “Undo” Command: A Sequel on Reconciliation
Lessons from Las Vegas
Remembering Our Freedoms
Aliens, Immigration, and the Scriptures
A Tragic Week for Suicides
School Shootings and the Christian Faith
The “Undo” Command
Lessons from “Schoolhouse Rock”
“Free Range Parenting” (Part 3 of “Teaching Children Selflessness”)
“Free Range Parenting” (Part 2 of “Teaching Children Selflessness”)
Teaching Children Selflessness (Part 1)
End-of-Life Warning
Addiction: Who’s In Control (Part 4)
Addiction: Who’s In Control (Part 3)
Encouraging Our Better Angels?
Reflections on “It’s a Wonderful Life”
Non-Traditional Christmas Passages
Lessons on Preparedness, from the California Wildfires
A Pause to Give Thanks – For You!
Addiction: Who’s In Control? (Part 2)
Addiction: Who’s In Control? (Part 1)
The Summer of Disasters: Making Biblical Sense of It
Sitting in the Exit Row
Equifax, Hacking, and Thievery
Houston and Its Amazing Good Samaritans
Charlottesville, Slavery, and the Scriptures
Observations on Jury Duty
When a Tough Day Happens
A Most Unusual Commencement Speech
T-Shirts 2017
How Did “Pollyanna” Get Such a Bad Rap?
"Why We Lie”
The Sound Technician (and other jobs you only know about when things go wrong)
The Miracle and Meaning of DNA, Part 3
The Coptic Christian Church Bombings and the Message of Easter
The Miracle and Meaning of DNA, Part 2
The Miracle and Meaning of DNA
Pressure Situations: Lessons from the Oscars
The Tragedy of Opioid Abuse, Part 3
The Tragedy of Opioid Abuse, Part 2
The Tragedy of Opioid Abuse, Part 1
Great Baking Disasters
Lessons in Trust from Probate Court
An Unlikely Thanksgiving Parable
Veterans Day Proclamations
Getting Old Is Not for Sissies
Rage Rooms? Really?
Lessons from Wells Fargo: What Were They Thinking?
Reflections on San Bernardino – The Sequel
A Tribute to Paralympians
Notorious Cheaters in Sports
Chariot Races (and other Olympic events)
“If I Were a Rich Man”
“It’s Been a Heart-Wrenching Week, America”
Our Lives, Our Fortunes, and Our Sacred Honor
Tee Shirts
Blood Donations: Literal and Spiritual (and a Memorial Day Tribute)
The National Debt
"It's Not Fair"
Uncle Bob's Bucket List
A Tribute to Care-Givers
Who Am I?
Words We Prefer Not to Hear: "Selflessness" (Part 4)
Words We Prefer Not to Hear: “Selflessness” (Part 3)
Words We Prefer Not to Hear: “Selflessness” (Part 2)
Words We Prefer Not to Hear: “Test”
Words We Prefer Not to Hear: “Selflessness”
Words We Prefer Not to Hear: “Sin”
A suggestion for 2016: Take “THE LOVE TEST”
Words We Prefer Not to Hear: “Obey”
Reflections on San Bernardino
Words We Prefer Not to Hear
Three Thoughts of Thanksgiving from Psalm 95
The Sharing Economy
The Inspiration of Limitations
Veterans Day - A Symbol of Selflessness
The High Cost of Security
Study Something You Love
Advertising and Selflessness
Taming the Text
Then I clicked the "send" button …
"Text" is a Powerful Verb (Part 1)
Our Own "Ebola" Opportunities
Who would go to treat Ebola patients?
Society, Selflessness, and the Scriptures

  Teaching Articles Misunderstandings About Forgiveness and Reconciliation - Article 4   96 Kb Download