Biblical Counseling Is In-Depth Discipleship
  Biblical Counseling is In-Depth Discipleship



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This booklet describes discipleship / counseling as Jesus practiced and taught. Biblical discipleship is much broader and deeper than the discipleship that is often practiced today. It includes evangelizing, baptizing, teaching, admonishing, instructing, comforting, encouraging, restoring, strengthening, reproving, rebuking, and exhorting others to follow a biblical pattern of life.
In Matthew 28:19-20, which is often called the "Great Commission," Jesus made it clear that making disciples goes beyond evangelism and basic follow up. Biblical discipleship also includes teachingdisciples to observe all that He taught. It is in-depth discipleship because it deals with every aspect of a person's life. The discipleship process must be so thorough that the new disciple can disciple others in the same way he is being trained, i.e., so that he can carry on the mission of making disciples.

Biblical Counseling Is In-Depth Discipleship explains why so many believers are not involved in carrying out the "Great Commission," and what needs to be done to correct the misconceptions about discipleship.

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