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This booklet focuses on God’s authority, empowering, and provision available to the believer. It shows from a study of the Scriptures that God provides complete and adequate guidance through the Bible, the Holy Spirit, and prayer to face, deal with, and endure all personal problems of life no matter how difficult or extraordinary they may be. The booklet also provides a biblical basis for daily devotions and Scripture memory.

Many will agree that the Bible is inspired by God and without error, but they will also say that other resources are needed to understand fully how to deal with what the world calls serious psychological problems. This booklet covers the significance of one's decision to view God's Word as totally sufficient for dealing with life's problems.
Also included is a section on daily devotions and Scripture memory. The booklet explains the importance of relating devotional time spent in God's Word to the very areas in your life where God has your attention (often in trials, relationships, and responsibilities). The booklet also shows how to develop specific plans for memorizing God's Word, starting with the verses that apply directly to your life in your current trials, test, and temptations.

This booklet is the second in a series and is taken from the second half of Lesson 2 as well as Lesson 3 of the
Self-Confrontation manual.

Available in English and Spanish


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