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A Self-Confrontation Video Series Leader's Guide is available free with the purchase of the DVD set.

The Self-Confrontation Bible Study is usually taught in a once-a-week format. The study has 24 lessons; some groups split the 24 lessons into two segments of 12 lessons each, scheduled for different times of the year.

The DVD lessons are one hour in length, on average. Together with discussion and prayer, the material readily fits into a typical 1.5 to 2-hour home Bible study.

How To Use
Prior to beginning each week's study, the group leader should review the Leader’s Guide.

During the meeting:
  • The leader would review the questions and answers provided in the Video Series Leader's Guide as a summary of the previous week's lesson.
  • Then the group would watch one lesson (one DVD). Each student should have a Bible and a Self-Confrontation manual to follow along.
  • The Leader would then lead a brief discussion summarizing the key points of the lesson just watched.
  • During the week, the students can use the Student Workbook for their homework (a special price is available for the Self-Confrontation manual/Student Workbook "bundle").

Links to other resources for leaders:

Prices Retail Price 1 Copy 2-49 Copies 50+ Copies Non-US  
23 DVD Set 275.00 220.00 192.50 165.00 110.00 buy
Lesson 1 only 18.75 16.50 14.50 12.50 8.00