Self-Study Course in Discipleship/Counseling



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For those involved in discipleship/counseling, the SELF-STUDY COURSE is an exhaustive survey of topics and techniques used in the Old and New testaments. Sections include:
  1. Word Study
  2. Character Study. You select various characters from the Bible and determine their discipleship/counseling needs. You then examine the 4 elements for each character: Biblical understanding, Hope, Change, and Practice.
  3. Biblical Discipleship/Counseling principles. You analyze and identify biblical counseling principles found in Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and in a number of the prophetic books of the Old Testament.
  4. Development of your own reference materials for discipleship/couseling, study on Jesus' Discipleship/Counseling Method and Example.
The goal is to develop an in-depth knowledge of Scripture, discipleship/counseling principles, as well as knowing practical discipleship/counseling methods used by Jesus.

Available in English

The SELF-STUDY COURSE in PDF format may be used by one (1) person per license and loaded onto a maximum of three (3) of the user’s devices (eg. Pastor’s computer, laptop, tablet device).

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