December 2018Update:
Retirement of Bob Schneider as President of BCF
  28 December, 2018

Beloved Friends of the Biblical Counseling Foundation,

On November 10, 2018, the Biblical Counseling Foundation Board of Directors accepted “Uncle” Bob Schneider’s request to retire as President of BCF. Uncle Bob has served the Lord as President of BCF since 1994 and was one of the original founders of the ministry in 1974. He will officially retire at the end of December, but will stay on as a BCF Board Member and continue to be involved in the ministry. He will hold the title of President Emeritus. Those of you who know Uncle Bob understand how committed he has been over many years about teaching the powerful truths of the Scriptures as the sole answer to the daily problems of life.

The Board appointed Steve Smith to serve as the new BCF President beginning in January.. Steve has ministered alongside Uncle Bob and his wife Shashi since the 1980s. He was the primary developer of the Self-Confrontation Student Workbook and the more recent booklet, Living Victoriously in the Battles of Life. Over the last three years, he has also authored the bi-weekly BCF blog under the theme “Society, Selflessness, and the Scriptures,” which seeks to relate biblical principles to everyday life and events in the 21st Century. Like Uncle Bob, Steve and Shashi serve as BCF volunteers without pay.

The BCF Board, leadership, and staff have been greatly blessed over the years by all of you who have so consistently taught and lived biblical principles in churches, mission organizations, prisons, small groups, and in individual ministry worldwide. We have been touched by your loving, servant-hearted examples, as well as your financial support, and look forward to many more years of ministry together. We remain committed to proclaiming the sufficiency of the Scriptures for living out the example of Christ in this world, in the power of the Holy Spirit. Christ’s message of denying self and serving others is not a very popular one, but is the message of hope and enablement for contented and joyful daily living in a world that increasingly struggles with the challenges and problems of life.

We envision a smooth leadership transition and development of new ministry materials in 2019 and the years to come. We have often said that BCF’s function is to “serve the servants,” assisting local pastors in equipping the saints for the work of service. BCF’s focus is to support the local church with biblical discipleship/counseling materials and teaching, and we would welcome your comments and thoughts about how we can be most effective in assisting you in your local ministry. May God bless you as you continue to serve Him.

BCF Board and Staff.