Book Discount
  As many of you know, BCF has always had a high standard for the printing of the Self-Confrontation manual, Student Workbook, and associated materials. The books are stitched, printed, and cut so as to last many years, given that they are reference materials for the continuing study of the Word of God.

We want you to know that the most recent printing we received of the Self-Confrontation manual (English), Student Workbook (English), and Living Victoriously (English) is not up to our normal high standards. Although the books are still useable, they have blemishes.

The books are perfectly readable and will hold together a long time, but we could not with clear conscience sell these books to you without offering an additional discount. So we are providing an additional 10% discount to the price you would normally receive on the Self-Confrontation manual, Student Workbook, and Living Victoriously booklet. This additional discount has already been implemented in our shopping cart on the BCF website. Our staff can help you with any questions you may have.

We are working with the printer to ensure that quality is maintained in the future. We trust that you will accept this discount as a gesture of our appreciation for your continued involvement with the ministry of BCF. May the Lord bless you in the continuing study of His Word.